Terms of service

Welcome to popo.st!

The popo.st Services is provided by Laurent Bedubourg (LABE.me, Sole-proprietorship), located at 26 avenue Gustave Eiffel, 33700 Merignac, France.

By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms.

Terms updates

Last version of these terms : 2018-06-06.


A publisher is a person or entity using our service (you).

An end-user is the publisher's user.

A micro-content is a small structured set of information usually composed of an image, a link, a description, etc.

A social-network is a social network entity like Facebook or Twitter.

Object of the service

Popo.st simplifies the share-ability of small and usually volatile piece of contents and events, we name this kind of content micro-content. Our service can targets game scores, achievements, shop information, product likes, etc.

Popo.st also ease the shareability of more persistent items (like shop articles, photos, etc) from within a serverless Single Page Application.

Covered service usage

The expected service usage is the following:

  1. When an end-user decides to share such a micro-content ––for instance a game achievement–– he clicks a "Share" button on the publisher's website or App.

  2. In response to this click, a portion of code on the publisher website calls the popo.st API to stores the generated micro-content.

  3. popo.st returns a datastructure containing a shareable URL for the micro-content. To ease the life of publishers, this structure also contains ready to use links to social-networks share systems.

  4. The website can then present the end-user with a social network share popup/screen (usually using one of the provided links).

Publisher agreement

Since data is stored on popo.st in a semi-public way –not referenced but reachable for people finding the URL– the publisher MUST follow the following rules:

  • NEVER share private information about end-users on popo.st
  • NEVER share offensive or illegal content through popo.st

Complaints will be taken seriously and may lead to the suppression of the offending content and the publisher's account.

Quality of service

The engineering team of Popo.st will maintain the service online and reactive on a best effort basis.

In case of emergency you can send us a mail at tech@popo.st and follow problem resolution by mail.

As many of our projects depend on popo.st too you can expect a prompt intervention in case of failure, within of 48h legal working days.

During the beta-test phase and the early stage of popo.st, micro-content shared on popo.st is backed up daily and as such we may experience the loss of a few hours of micro-content in case of serious database failure.

Third party risk

Publishers are here informed that the reliability of sharing micro-content hosted on popo.st is mainly dependent of social-network policies and politics.

Although we believe our service is perfectly useful and legal, one social network may decide otherwise.

Hence we cannot be held responsible of third party's decisions and you are using the service at your own risk.


Any abuse can be reported to abuse@popo.st. Popo.st keeps the right to close any publisher account not respecting these terms or any legislation putting at risk our service.

Data privacy policy

Accepting these terms also means you are accepting our privacy policy