Social sharing for Single Page Application

We make your dynamic content immediately shareable on faceboook and other social networks.

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Sharing, anything, simply, now is your new social share backend

As a web engineer you know that sharing is not that simple.

That's because Facebook and friends are not running your javascript code and even if they did it would represent much more work than your clients would like to pay.

Up to now you had to create a backend everytime you needed a social share feature for your web app. Make a database lookup to retrieve data, create some HTML with meta-data, fix the thing 10 times and lose days maintaining the solution in the long run.

Thank's to you now have an open backend ready to use, anytime, anywhere !

Unleashing dynamic sharing

Your code send us the data to share we do the rest

You send us your title, description, image URL, target URL and you get back an URL you can share immediately!

You are no longer tied to the things available in your database, any client-user-generated event can be stored on when your users decide to share it.

Be creative and boost your shares:

  • Game scores
  • Achievements
  • Product infos
  • Shopping insights
  • App description
  • Fun facts
  • Jokes
  • etc.

Mobile app and Web app friendly

A simple Rest call and you get a ready to use URL.

No SDK required, No JS dependency, you can even start without a Facebook account or Page –although it is recommended–.

The REST call returns facebook & supported social network share URL so you just have to open them in a popup without thinking.

see the minimal documentation


We eat our own dogfood, you're welcome

  • Keep it simply stupid REST API
  • No SDK required
  • Automatic redirection to custom URL
  • CORS security
  • Custom domain
  • Custom Facebook pageid
  • Custom Facebook appid
  • Stats in the dashboard
  • ... feature request


It's free while we test the service was created to easily share games scores and achievements on some of the author's projects. It is already in use and successfuly boosting some social sharing.

Anyway the service is still officially in beta test, meaning you can use it while we are improving it.

Someday a free plan will popup and the usual pay per usage/features plans will appear.

Don't lose time developping a share backend, create an account and start sharing any micro-content right away!